Mrs. LaRue


” Hi boys. Could I ask what this is all about?” Asked Mrs.LaRue. She had just been asked to pull over by the police officers while she was on her way home( from going golfing. ). ” Hello Mrs. LaRue. We want to ask you about your dog, Ike. And what you were doing while he was away!” ” Oh, of course. I understand. It all began when Ike sold my favorite stuffed bear. Not that I sleep with one. Anyway, he would not stop being a bad dog, so I sent him to Igor Brotweiler Canime Academy. Sadly I had no one to talk to, so I started getting out there some more. I went shopping, I started eating at fancy places, I even called a few friends from high school! I had a great time! But when Ike told me he was running away, I got so worried about him! So I went shopping to calm me down, and I got a new jacket. I walked out trying to act happy, but I just couldn’t. As I was crossing the road, Ike ran across and pushed me. Turns out a truck was about to hit me. I was so happy that Ike was home! When we got home I maked him his favorite apple pie, and I was so happy my Ike was home!” ” Thank you Mrs. LaRue. We really appreciate it! Oh, and you’re not the only one that sleeps with a stuffed animal!” Then Mrs. LaRue and the police said goodbye and went home. The End!

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