My day as a Superhero

“Oh, what a beautiful day it is today!” Said Margret, as she was playing golf. “Oh yes. Answered Lucy as she was watching Margret make a hole in one. “Good job Mar… Ow! Something bit me. I think it was that pink bug over there!” Lucy cried.  As she looked at the pink bug she and Margret realized that all the other bugs were black and brown. “Are you seeing what i’m seeing?” asked Lucy. “You know it!” Answered Margret. After a while Lucy felt really weird and fainted soon after. Lucy you there?” Asked Margret. ” Yeah, I think I’m okay!” ” Well if you’re Okay, can you come back down here, please?” Cried Margret. “What?!!” Lucy looked down and saw that she was flying real high in the sky! Lucy started to scream. Then she realized what had happened, the pink bug!! Later that day, the evil Dark Horn was turning the world into slime! Super Unicorn( or the Super U) and glitter girl went to go save the city! Together they were unstopable! THE END!!!

Mrs. LaRue

” Hi boys. Could I ask what this is all about?” Asked Mrs.LaRue. She had just been asked to pull over by the police officers while she was on her way home( from going golfing. ). ” Hello Mrs. LaRue. We want to ask you about your dog, Ike. And what you were doing while he was away!” ” Oh, of course. I understand. It all began when Ike sold my favorite stuffed bear. Not that I sleep with one. Anyway, he would not stop being a bad dog, so I sent him to Igor Brotweiler Canime Academy. Sadly I had no one to talk to, so I started getting out there some more. I went shopping, I started eating at fancy places, I even called a few friends from high school! I had a great time! But when Ike told me he was running away, I got so worried about him! So I went shopping to calm me down, and I got a new jacket. I walked out trying to act happy, but I just couldn’t. As I was crossing the road, Ike ran across and pushed me. Turns out a truck was about to hit me. I was so happy that Ike was home! When we got home I maked him his favorite apple pie, and I was so happy my Ike was home!” ” Thank you Mrs. LaRue. We really appreciate it! Oh, and you’re not the only one that sleeps with a stuffed animal!” Then Mrs. LaRue and the police said goodbye and went home. The End!

Gold Rush

I heard a lot of things were happening in the west. One of those being the California Gold Rush. I was curious about it and was hoping to get rich, so I decided to move west. So far the ride has been a little bumpy and i’ve gotten a little homesick, so I hope the rest of the way won’t be so bad! Finally, we’re here!

Ever since I moved west, a lot of cool things have happened! I’ve become a Pioneer, and I’ve learned a couple of facts about the California Gold Rush! Did you know that gold wasn’t discovered until 1848? Gold was discovered by a man named James Sutter. And the people who dig for gold are called Forty- Niners. When all of us Pioneers came to California, we settled in Cowboy Country. We set up ranches. The goverment gave me a piece of land, which became my homestead. I built a beautiful log cabin in the middle of my homestead where I can watch my farm.  I haven’t gotten real rich yet, but I sure am loving it here in the west!

Patriot Poem

It was a very sad battle for the U.S.A                                                                                                                                                      2,340 British died and 1,525 Americans died

General Cornwallis and General Washington

The British won

Salem Poor

Bunker Hills battle

We lost many soilders that day

Our men shot until they were out

Those men gave up their lives for their people

9-11 Reflections



On 9-11 2001 it was just a normal Tuesday. Then, the first plane hit one of the twin towers. People thought there was no more problems. Then another plane hit. Strangers started to help people that were in trouble. Everyone knew they were under attack. Many people got killed, or lost some loved ones. It was a day no one could forget. A couple of hours or so, one plane hit the pentagon. Then too a lot of people and loved ones died. Everyone was scared and worried. They thought what would happen next? People screamed and did crazy things to stay alive. Even I can see it happening and I wasn’t born yet. Every time I hear this story I just feel so bad for everyone who got killed. I hope you learned a lot about 9-11.

Life in 5th Grade

My life in 5th grade is fun so far. I’ve made a lot of new friends this year! My teachers are very nice and sweet to me. Mrs.Ummel is my homeroom. She is a math teacher with Mrs.Brantley. Mrs.Ummel is just going over the things we already know but she will teach us new things. Mrs.Brantley, is also a math teacher. She makes a lot of cool games for us. I love her classroom pet, he’s a turtle.I start out in Mrs. Owen’s class.Mrs. Owens is a reading teacher. She came a long time ago ,and then took a break for two years. But she’s back now and i’m super happy to have her!Mrs. Owens is really good at reading, she has read use ” You are Special” , it’s a good book!Mrs.Owens is a good teacher!!It makes me really happy that she’s back. Mr.Mac[McBide]is a science teacher. We do a lot of cool things in his class! Mr.Mac picks on me a lot!! He is REALLY funny!!! He tells us a story of him and his wife almost every day. Mr.Mac Knows my family pretty well!! In his class we do a lot of science experiments. Last Mrs.McFall. I love Mrs.McFalls class!! She is a social studies teacher. She tells us about history. Her class is very quite . These people are the reason I love 5th grade.