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Back to School


Well, summer is over again sadly, but it is nice to see all of my friends,and teachers!! I hope you had a great summer! I would love to hear some of the amazing things that you all did this summer! I got to go to my church camp,and the beach!! We got to parasail at […]

The Telephones History


My Emoji Writing


My day as a Superhero


“Oh, what a beautiful day it is today!” Said Margret, as she was playing golf. “Oh yes. Answered Lucy as she was watching Margret make a hole in one. “Good job Mar… Ow! Something bit me. I think it was that pink bug over there!” Lucy cried.  As she looked at the pink bug she […]

Mrs. LaRue


” Hi boys. Could I ask what this is all about?” Asked Mrs.LaRue. She had just been asked to pull over by the police officers while she was on her way home( from going golfing. ). ” Hello Mrs. LaRue. We want to ask you about your dog, Ike. And what you were doing while […]

Gold Rush


I heard a lot of things were happening in the west. One of those being the California Gold Rush. I was curious about it and was hoping to get rich, so I decided to move west. So far the ride has been a little bumpy and i’ve gotten a little homesick, so I hope the […]

United States 1789-1815


President George Washington, Battle of Tippecanoe

Patriot Poem


It was a very sad battle for the U.S.A                                                                                              […]

Hour of Code Reflecticon


I did Kodable. Kodable is a game with little puff balls that roll around on your screen. I learned to get the coins and get through the obstcles.

9-11 Reflections


Photo   On 9-11 2001 it was just a normal Tuesday. Then, the first plane hit one of the twin towers. People thought there was no more problems. Then another plane hit. Strangers started to help people that were in trouble. Everyone knew they were under attack. Many people got killed, or lost some […]

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