Gold Rush


I heard a lot of things were happening in the west. One of those being the California Gold Rush. I was curious about it and was hoping to get rich, so I decided to move west. So far the ride has been a little bumpy and i’ve gotten a little homesick, so I hope the rest of the way won’t be so bad! Finally, we’re here!

Ever since I moved west, a lot of cool things have happened! I’ve become a Pioneer, and I’ve learned a couple of facts about the California Gold Rush! Did you know that gold wasn’t discovered until 1848? Gold was discovered by a man named James Sutter. And the people who dig for gold are called Forty- Niners. When all of us Pioneers came to California, we settled in Cowboy Country. We set up ranches. The goverment gave me a piece of land, which became my homestead. I built a beautiful log cabin in the middle of my homestead where I can watch my farm.  I haven’t gotten real rich yet, but I sure am loving it here in the west!

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