My Hobby

“Millisa,what is your favorite hobby?” asked Becky as they were at Becky’s house playing teacher.”What’s a hobby?” asked Stephany
because she over heard.”A hobby is an activity you choose and enjoy.”Becky said politly.”Oh I thought it was an aron.”Millisa said ¬†looking at Stephany.”A hobby also allows you to have fun and be creative.”Becky shouted. “What’s your favorite hobby?”

My favorite hobby is the drums, and the drums play music.I love the drums so much because they play music.Music is ¬†one of the things I love most.Drums are just like music,but they play the music.It’s fun to have two things mixed in one!Drums are very loud! My family always tell me to stop because they are so loud.I love to be loud, and it’s good,because if they weren’t i’d be very sad!Drums are awesome because they are loud.Last my drums are really special in two ways,one,I got them from Santa.Two,i’ve been asking for them for two years,and mine are different!Drums can sometimes not be so special because something might happen,but to me they’re super AMAZING! A lot of people think drums aren’t so awesome,but if you get them you’ll say they’re special too!Clearly,i’ve told you a lot about my hobby and how it’s important,so I hope you find your hobby!